5 Bedrooms With Brilliant Accent Walls Design

5 Bedrooms With Brilliant Accent Walls Design

Because this is a private and intimate area, the bedroom offers unlimited potential for expressive decor. However, you can always choose to skip it when giving guests a home tour! This post discusses 7 creative bedrooms that take on great opportunities with bold patterns and unusual materials, each appealing to a different aesthetic. These rooms encourage exploration of accented wall options such as large headboards and dramatic lighting treatments, adventurous textures and distinctive decorations – and some of these techniques make it possible to be recreated at home.

1. Immediate Visual

Charming! This bedroom makes a direct visual impact with coarse-textured concrete in sharp geometric patterns, with large headboard panels above and below. The unique pendant lamp from Tom Dixon hovers above the cantilever bedside table (also concrete) and the brightly patterned carpet energizes the color palette.

2. Monochromatic room

This artistic monochromatic room uses delicate white panels painted in the background of stunning portraits on the wall behind the bed. The striking and textured rug draws attention to the work of art to maximize its position as the focal point of the room. The single brown chair balances the visual weight distribution.

3. Tremendous amount

Don’t you just want to reach out and touch the delicate, luxurious-looking panel behind the bed? This type of accent wall does not require expensive materials, and as you can see from this extraordinary bedroom, a size that is too large like this can add a large amount of character to a simple space.

4. Little simpler

Here, accent walls are a bit simpler in terms of concept, and are more accessible to those who prefer the classic decoration style. The brick accent walls are painted white but retain many texture characteristics. The painting on the left functions as a kind of implied headboard. The overall appearance includes a rude, chic and tasteful personality.

 5. White bedroom

This mostly white bedroom features a large, bold accent wall consisting of a large wooden rhombus mosaic arranged in a beautiful pattern. The wood used here has very fine and different granules and increases the luxury of the panel. Luxurious rectangles form the head of a bed for an additional layer of visual interest.